What is Medek?
It is a physiotherapeutic method focused on the exercise of movements necessary for sitting, standing, walking by stabilizing the head and trunk.
When to start therapy?
In the rehabilitation of children the most important is fast intervention, as soon as it posibble. Ideally this intervention should be initiated in the first six months of life.
My child does not cooperate, can he/she participate in therapy?
Unlike other interventions, tasks are performed without the child's attention, conscious thought or ccooperation. It is assumed that motivation will increase temporary performance only but will not create a permanent change.
At what age can a child participate in therapy?
It is best if therapy starts in the first six months of life. There is no upper age limit. The limitations associated with using the method are primarily related to the therapist's physical capabilities and the weight and size of the child; These factors determine the ability to perform individual exercises.
How to continue therapy at home?
Every parent during therapy is "trained" and receives a set of workouts to work with the baby at home. Working with your child at home assumes the recommended exercise twice a day. Systematic treatment is crucial. Medek is a form of therapy that requires very close cooperation therapist with parent. During follow-up therapy at home I take care of both the child and the parent by answering questions by email at biuro@medekpolska.pl or by phone.
What are the contraindications to therapy?
Contraindication for therapy is hip luxation and very deep scoliosis.